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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Kitchen Update 2.0! Nearing Zero Level At Last!

Been some time since I've had much to say here since I began the tear out of the kitchen.  Time flies when your pulling down the house around you as the old saying goes...  I though I would go ahead and post some of the pics of the kitchen remodel for anyone who might be interested.  Almost at the absolute bottom level!  Sneaking up on it:

 Cruddy old paneling all removed and disposed of revealing 100 year old plaster

Stove pulled out and cabinets pulled for gas range 6" clearance!

 Chase around ceiling opened up and ready for new recessed lighting!

 Back wall ready for new switches/plugs/Sheetrock and final open shelving!

 Just as a side note...  interesting wiring never been replaced before...  Need to have that fixed but ugh!  Like some kind of Nonsense Poem for an instruction manual.

So that's where we are right now...  crawling from the wreckage and ready to head back up toward finished kitchen!  Visions of cedar lined lighting chases and new Ikea fixtures abound!  
As far as food posts go:  I have no kitchen still BUT my close friend is letting me use her kitchen so I will have some short posts coming up soon!  

Thanks everyone for sticking with me through this remodel and thanks for reading!  More to come with food and remodel fun!

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