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Friday, February 4, 2011


Wow, It has been a while.  But through the dust, ash, stain, caulk, shims, blood, tears, rusty nails, rusty caulk, rusty tears, and more than a few confused arguments there is now A BRAND NEW KITCHEN!!!  I have to say I'm really wild about this place!  Lets get the ol' blog back on-line with a short tour:

First and certainly one of my favorite additions:  A spooling 30' extension cord providing safe, out-of-the-way power for...

A great big central Island with roll out drawers and... extended lip and stools for guests to sit

Added a pot rack for convenience in a small space.  I love having it, especially in the mornings making hot cereal

A brand new 33" Espresso granite composite sink.  Went the extra mile for a 9" depth.  The sprayer head faucet is pretty great too, especially for cleaning out the sink tubs after loading the dishwasher.

These knobs are SOOO cool!  I've had them for years but never brought them out.  Now they finally have a home!

...Numbered 1 through 3 all throughout the kitchen.  Helpful that I can say "grab that flour from the number 3 pantry" when someone else is helping in the kitchen.

My Mom gave me this great maple butcher block table years ago but I havent had space until lately.  Being stored for years didn't do it any favors but some heavy grit sand paper, a sharpened bench knife, and a quantity of mineral oil and voila:  Back to life and ready for use!

Ikea to the rescue once more as far as storage space goes.  Two glass-pannel bookshelves turned pantry and lighted glassware case!

I still geek out about finally having a brand new slide-in gas range!  Gas convection, 4 top burner, convection bake/roast, proof and warm settings!  Made a bit of a new years dinner on its first day.

The benches for the breakfast nook are done!  All we need now is the table!  See that morning sunlight!

Here we end with just a shot I really liked of the whole kitchen triangle!

So that ends the tour for now.  I want to end this return post by once again thanking everyone who has stuck with us through the long absence.  Just as a little returning fanfare (and a bit as a goofy photography experiment thought up in a half-dream) I also made

Now get those aprons laced, ovens warmed up, pans seasoned, knives honed, and torches fueled up cuz' we're ready to jump back in!!  See you all again soon!

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yummy supper said...

Cam, Congrats of the new kitchen. I bet you are going to have a blast cooking away.
We are so happy for ya.